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Introducing Coir Wonder Super Oil Absorbent: Your Revolutionary, Eco-Friendly Solution for Liquid Spills

Coir Wonder Super Oil Absorbent is our latest breakthrough product designed to handle all types of liquid spills effectively. Crafted from 100% Coconut Husk, this fine granule-based absorbent is made from the non-fibrous, corky material found in coconut husks, making it a 100% natural plant material.

Versatility at Its Best: This innovative oil absorbent granule is not just limited to handling liquid spills; it also serves as an excellent paint hardener, aiding in the safe disposal of used or waste oil, acrylic, latex, enamel, and water-based paints. Moreover, Coir Wonder doubles as a floor sweeping compound, perfect for cleaning up floor and construction dust with ease.

Luxuriously Soft, Non-Dusty, and Easy to Use: Coir Wonder Absorbing Powder has undergone a special process to ensure it feels soft and luxurious to the touch while remaining non-dusty. Its lightweight nature makes it extremely easy to carry around and apply. Additionally, it serves as a highly effective oil dry absorbent.

Unmatched Absorption Power: With a capillary-rich structure, Coir Wonder's magic spill absorbent can absorb and hold liquids up to 8 times more effectively than traditional clay-based absorbents like clay litter and kitty litter.

Eco-Friendly and Landfill Friendly: One of the standout features of Coir Wonder is its ability to retain absorbed liquids without leaching, making it landfill friendly. It excels in spill cleanup, handling hazardous, non-hazardous, biohazard, and hazmat waste. An ideal component for any biohazard or body fluid spill cleanup kit, it won't harm fish when used to clean up oil spills on water bodies.

Safe for Surfaces and Environment: Coir Wonder is non-tracking, non-reactive, and non-abrasive, ensuring it won't damage the surfaces it is applied on or react with the oils or chemicals it absorbs. It's truly a magic spill absorbent!

Key Features:

  • 100% Natural, made from Coconut Husk
  • Safe and Non-toxic
  • Luxuriously soft and easy to handle
  • Highly Efficient Oil Absorbent
    Absorbs 3 times more oil than clay-based alternatives
  • Reusable, can be stored and used multiple times until saturation
  • Landfill Friendly, meets or exceeds EPA's Leachate standards
  • Prevents leaching of absorbed oil
  • Environmentally Friendly, doesn't pollute water bodies or harm fish
  • Dust-free, Non-tracking, Non-reactive, Non-abrasive
  • Country of Origin: India

Available Sizes: Coir Wonder Super Oil Absorbent is available in two convenient sizes: 9L and 15L, offering you options to suit your specific needs.

Embrace Coir Wonder Super Oil Absorbent today, and experience the revolutionary power of an eco-friendly and highly effective spill cleanup solution. Say goodbye to worries over oil, chemical, or paint spills with this indispensable product in your spill kit. Compared to clay, kitty litter, or oil absorbent pads, sheets, and rolls, Coir Wonder stands out as the superior choice - light, efficient, and planet-friendly.

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